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When you’re looking for a roofing company for your business, you need to consider that not all roofs are the same.

How so?

Commercial roofing is completely different to residential roofing for several reasons.





Good news! There are many more options to choose from in commercial roofing. Picture a store or a warehouse. Their roofs are generally flat, or with a very gentle slope.

Additionally, the area is often a great deal larger than residential roofs. And you could use this practical space to accommodate air conditioning systems or pipes.


Commercial roofs can be more complicated to install. And this is especially true if it’s a large commercial building. So during your free inspection, our roofers advise you on the best way to proceed.

Over the years we’ve salvaged many roofs that had been badly installed by unlicensed roofing companies. And that’s why it’s fundamental to install a commercial roof correctly the first time round. Getting roofing installation with Energy Roofing avoids those regular, pricey repairs in the future.


Roofs on an office, store or warehouse usually have several more layers than on a home. Plus, with commercial roofs you have so many more options in terms of building materials. 

Energy Roofing can advise you which roof materials are best for your business. For instance,  have you ever heard of TPO Roofing? It’s a modern roofing material that protects the building from the heat as well as fungal outgrowths. 


Because of their complexity, commercial roofs can take longer to install. And this is especially true for large commercial buildings. The materials we need often take longer to cure, settle or be glued. 

So Energy Roofing keeps you informed every step of the way about how long each step will take.


You should always choose a licensed roofer, even for a small repair job. And the license you need to look for is the C-39, proudly held by Energy Roofing. It proves we know our roofs inside out, and we fulfil our obligations to you.

Whether for a repair or installation of commercial roofing, a licensed, qualified and certified roofer is imperative. Why? Because the work is much more complicated so you need leading roofing professionals to carry it out. Get in touch with us today!

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