Residential roofing

residential roofing

When deciding to repair or entirely replace your residential house, garage, or property roof, it is critical to find the right roofer for this project. This means they should be licensed and insured, and use quality materials when installing the roof.  Make sure you speak to an expert about which type of roof you’re looking for, material, lifespan, and benefits you can receive. At Energy Roofing, we are known for our cool roofing systems, which are proven to help lower your electric bills by keeping the house cooler. Since more sunlight is being reflected by this cool roofing system, less heat is being absorbed. This means less energy is needed to cool down the house during the summer. In addition, it even helps in reducing roof maintenance and replacement costs by increasing the lifespan of your roof.  Call us for more details or a free inspection. 

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We’ve seen countless homeowners try to reach out to unqualified roofers or even a handyman to fix their roof.  Although this can be cheaper in the present moment, it can backfire and become extremely expensive if installed improperly.  Without a doubt, it’s better to hire a licensed and experienced professional roofer who will get the job done correctly. Make sure to look for the proper paperwork and ask the right questions when hiring a roofer. At Energy Roofing, we’ve been specializing in residential roofing in the Los Angeles and greater areas for over 10 years. That being said, your roof is not a joke and should be treated with top priority as it protects you and your house. An improper installation can lead to unappealing appearance, leaky roofs, and costly headaches in the future.

Quick Repair? Full Replacement? Questions?

Whether you’re looking for a quick repair from a leaking roof, or you need a full roof replacement, our experts are here to help. We know how annoying a leaking roof can be, especially in the pouring heavy rain. For more information on how to repair a leaking roof, check out our blog post.  If you’re still not sure, give us a call and our experts will come out for a free inspection scheduled at your convenience. 

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Timely Results

Our highly skilled team will work consistently throughout the entire project and finish on scheduled time. We value your time and business so we'll stick to what we promised you.

Energy Efficient Financing Program

Call and ask one of our team members about energy-efficient financing through a government-insured loan program we can help set you up with!

Quality Branded Materials

At Energy Roofing, our products are stamped with branded company logos and materials that are proven to last for longer periods of times with higher durability.

Consumer Rebate Program

Take advantage of our residential consumer rebate program for qualifying products, which includes the cool roofing system. This can save you lots of money in the long-run. Give us a call for more information on this program!

10+ Years Experience

With over 10 years of qualified experience, we assure you that you'll be beyond satisfied with our exceptional results and professional service.

C-39 Licensed Roofer

Energy Roofing Inc is licensed with a professional C-39 Roofing Contractor License. Also, we are fully insured and provide a guaranteed warranty for your roof!

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Whether you need a residential roof installed or commercial roof, give us a call today for a free inspection and quote from Energy Roofing.