Residential roofing

residential roofing

Do you want roof repairs or roof replacement on your home or garage? Then it’s crucial that you find the right roofing professional for your project. This means the roofing company should be licensed and insured, and they should only use the highest quality materials. First, a great roofing contractor like Energy Roofing will advise you on which type of roof is best for you. And we’ll go over the advantages of different residential roofing materials and how long each will last.

Ever heard of cool roofing?  It’s a state of the art system that reflects the sun off your roof. And as it’s being reflected away, your home naturally absorbs less heat. So a cool roof not only keeps your home cooler but also lowers your bills because you don’t need so much AC. At Energy Roofing we’re famous for our cool roofing systems and for good reason. Cool roofs last longer than traditional roofs so you avoid roof repair costs along the way. Just give us a call and our roofing professionals will get you started.

Residential Roofing Professionals - Serving Greater Los Angeles for Over 10 Years


Look for the relevant C-39 qualifications and ask the right questions before hiring a roofer. Your roof’s the only thing between you and the elements, so installing and repairing residential roofing is no joke.

Don’t be one of those homeowners who gets a jack-of-all-trades to fix your roof. And this includes hiring an unlicensed roof repair contractor with no actual qualifications. Yes, we know they gave you an unbelievably reasonable quote! But a badly installed roof will cause you a variety of never-ending headaches that just change with the season. These could be leaks, poor insulation, or just that your roof looks awful so you can’t sell when you want to. So it’s easy to see how all these problems would end up costing you a fortune.

Without a doubt, it’s better to trust a licensed and experienced roofing company to do the job correctly. And at Energy Roofing, we’ve specialized in residential roofing in Greater Los Angeles for over 10 years.

Quick Repair? Full Replacement? Questions?

Whether it’s quick leak repair or a full roof replacement, our experts are here to help you. A leaking roof can be a total nightmare, especially in the pouring rain. For more information on how to repair a leaking roof, check out our blog post.  If you’re still not sure, give us a call and our expert roofing contractors will come to your home for a free inspection at a convenient time for you.



Timely Results

Our highly skilled roofing professionals work on your roof consistently so we can finish on schedule. We honor our promises since we value your business and we know you value your time.


Energy Efficient Financing Program

Ask us about financing for your energy efficient roof! It's through a government-insured loan program and our roofing professionals can organize it for you.


Quality Branded Materials

Energy Roofing materials are stamped with our company logo because we're proud of their quality. And over the years you'll see your roof lasts longer in better condition than your neighbors'.


Consumer Rebate Program

Take advantage of our residential consumer rebate program! Qualifying products include our famous cool roofing system which saves you a lot of money in the long run. Give us a call for more information about saving money on residential roofing.


10+ Years Experience

Licensed with over 10 years experience, we guarantee you'll be beyond satisfied with our exceptional work and professional service. Whether you want experienced tile roofers or any other type of roofer, you're in the right place.


C-39 Licensed Roofer

Energy Roofing Inc holds the C-39 roofing contractor license: and that's proof we know our roofs. The C-39 isn't easy to get and we take our responsibilities seriously. We're also fully insured and make sure you get a warranty for your residential roof.


Get started now with a free residential roof inspection and quote from Energy Roofing. Whether you need repairs or a new residential roof, call our roofing professionals at (866) 480-1531 or contact us below.