Roof Repairs & maintenance

Get The Best Roof Repair Contractor in the Los Angeles Area

When you get a professional quality roof repair it means you save money in the long run. And not only that but you won’t have any minor repair jobs to deal with until your roof reaches the end of its long life. Get the minor stuff checked out now. Fixing ceiling leaks or curled or damaged shingles promptly will maintain the quality of your roof as well as making it last for years.

Instead of letting minor damages add up, simply call Energy Roofing: a trusted, C-39 licensed roofing company. You want to make sure you choose a roofing company which has a C-39 because that’s the industry standard for qualified, certified and responsible roofers.  And we know all the different types of roofing inside out. We’ll take care of all these minor roofing issues before they add up to a serious, costly fix.

At Energy Roofing, we value your business and so we only do what’s in your absolute best interest. Do you really want to spend thousands on a roof if you don’t need to replace it yet? Our roofing professionals have saved hundreds of homeowners from the expense of a new roof, when all they really needed was a roof repair. After we perform a full inspection of your roof, if it doesn’t need to be replaced our roofing experts will let you know.

We Fix Water Damaged Roofs and Roof Leaks

Water damaged roofs are very common, especially after heavy winter storms and rain. This means that it’s important to look out for water damaged roofs regularly as a key part of maintaining your home. Especially if you have any roof leaks, you need to get immediate roof repair from a specialist.

In fact, water damaged roofs and roof leaks can get worse and worse for a number of reasons. While extreme weather might be the most obvious cause of roof leaks and damage, consider other factors too. Is your roof well-maintained? Or was it installed by unprofessional roofing contractors ? It’s also important to keep in mind that most roofs have a lifespan of about 20-25 years, so it might just be time to replace your roof

Don’t be one of the majority of homeowners who assume water damaged roofs and roof leaks are minor issues. In fact, this constant leaking will spread, and sometimes without you knowing. And that means expensive damage from your attic right through to your foundations.

Rain Gutters to Protect Your Home

The humble rain gutter is more important than you might think, and not just to protect your roof. It’s all because if too much rainwater collects at the base of your house, it can destroy the soil, which can damage your foundation and basement. When a professional roofing company like Energy Roofing installs your rain gutter, it will protect your home. And it does this by funneling the rainwater off the roof and away from the base of the house. 

During heavy storms without a rain gutter, rainwater from your roof gets into your home through tiny cracks in doors and windows. As you can imagine, this causes water damage inside your home at a much faster rate, and soon you’ll need repairs. If you get a quality rain gutter now, you’ll limit the future roof repair jobs as well as saving money in the long run.

Bear in mind too that if you have an old, rusty rain gutter it can cause just as much damage as a leaky rain gutter. Why? Because rusty rain gutters clog up more as they’re harder for leaves and other debris to pass through.

Ready for Roof Repair by Professional Roofing Contractors in Los Angeles?

Let us take expert care of your roof, whether you need roof repair or rain gutters. And let’s face it, Energy Roofing’s the obvious choice. As well as being licensed and trusted all over the Los Angeles area, we always consider your budget and your requirements. 

So call one of our friendly roofing professionals now, at (866) 480-1132 or email us at Alternatively, just fill out our short form here for your free consultation.