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Roof Water Damage - Causes and Solutions

Water damages are very common, especially after a heavy storm. We offer roofing solutions to any leaking from your roof, discoloration, or even mold growth from the moisture.  If you’ve noticed any of these, it’s critical to call a specialist to take a closer look at it.  The severity of the damage will determine what steps need to be taken next.  In addition, a roofing professional should be able to address what the root cause of the leak is. Thus, our roofing solutions will prevent the leak from reoccurring in the near future.  

Roof leaks can also be caused by damaged shingles.  If you’ve recently installed shingle roofing and you are already having leaking problems, it’s highly likely caused by improper installation.  One of our experienced and licensed roofers can take a closer look to determine the root cause and be happy to assist you.  However, if your shingles are looking curled, thin, rippled, and damaged due to aging over the years, it might be time for a completely new roof replacementCall a licensed roofing specialist to have a thorough inspection before letting the leaks spread over the next few months and result in unnecessary expenses.

Roof leaks can be prevented through regular roof maintenance and inspection from a qualified roofing professional.  We can see the signs before they even happen and let you know if anything needs to be fixed. At Energy Roofing, we have saved a countless number of homeowners from saving money.  This can be done by regular roof maintenance, instead of letting it wear and tear at a much faster rate.  That being said, we’ll be sure to inspect your roof and only recommend a full replacement if absolutely necessary. Call one of our roofing specialists for more information and any questions. 

Custom Rain Gutters - Roofing Solutions

Proper installation of rain gutter systems is necessary when it comes to protecting your home from water damage.  An old, rusted, leaky rain gutter can cause just as much damage as a leaky roof.  It’s necessary to keep damaging rain water away from your home’s roof. This is why you need to make sure you have the best quality rain gutters. 

Improper installation of rain gutters can cause leaking and further damage to your roof. We specialize in making custom rain gutters in the local Los Angeles areas for over 10 years with guaranteed work and materials.  Our roofing solutions are proven to last for longer periods of time. Still have questions about rain gutters? Check out this article by Home Tips.


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