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From tile roofing to shingle roofing, water damage is very common. Have you noticed leaks, mold or fungus, or a change in color of your walls or ceiling? Then it’s time to call Energy Roofing for a free inspection. 

Whatever you do, don’t put it off. This is because the water damage will only spread and get more expensive to repair. And this is true whether it’s damaged residential roofing or commercial roofing. 


Mother Nature

The most obvious culprit is heavy storms or strong winds. So that’s why, after a storm it’s important to go outside and take a look up at your roof. Perhaps you’ve never paid your roof much attention until now. If that’s the case you should get used to how it looks so you notice any changes. 

Damaged Shingles 

Have you recently installed shingle roofing? But not with Energy Roofing? If you’re already having leaking problems, it’s highly likely due to improper roofing installation. 


Not even well-installed shingle roofing lasts forever. Perhaps your shingles are looking curled, thin, rippled, or just generally fed up. This is totally normal. If your roof has served you well for years, it might be time for a new roof replacement.  

Type of Roof 

Any roof poorly installed by unlicensed, unprofessional roofers is vulnerable to water damage. This is especially true for badly installed flat roofing where rainwater can pool. Also, badly installed metal roofing lets the water in easily. It takes a specialist team like Energy Roofing to install metal roofing so that it’s watertight.

You probably don’t want to have to deal with a water damaged roof again. So for your next roof, consider getting modern, synthetic cool roofing or TPO roofing which is totally waterproof. 


Whether you have leaks, mold or discoloration, Energy Roofing will address the root cause. And we’ll eliminate the problem so you won’t have to repair it in the future.

The cause and severity of your water damage will determine what our roof contractors need to do next. After our roofing specialists conduct a thorough inspection, they will recommend the best course of action. This could be roof repair or a new roof.

Our team of specialists can solve any roofing problem related to water damage. After all, we have over a decade of experience in repairing roofs that have been damaged in every possible way. 


We’ve been in the roofing business so long we can see the first signs of wear and tear before they happen. And we can let you know as soon as anything needs to be fixed before it costs you too much.

Roof leaks can be prevented through regular inspection by qualified roofing professionals as well as roof maintenance. It’s much better to pay a little now to maintain your roof in good condition. Because the alternative is letting it wear out at a much faster rate.

At Energy Roofing we care about your budget so we only recommend a whole new roof if that’s what you really need. Over the years we’ve saved countless customers from wasting money on new roofs and extreme roof repairs.


Surprisingly, an old, rusty leaky rain gutter can do just as much damage to your home as a leaky roof. This is because rain water needs to be able to flow off your home’s roof and away from its foundations.

Gutters that haven’t been properly designed or installed can easily get loose. Even worse, they can sag and leak right into your home. This is especially true if there’s standing water in the gutter which can’t drain away. Water is surprisingly heavy and won’t evaporate fast if the weather’s still damp. 



Like roofs, regular inspection and maintenance will keep your gutters in good shape. Moss and leaves can clog up your gutter so it’s important to remove these blockages swiftly. Then the gutter can do a good job keeping the water away from your walls and foundations. 

Time for new rain gutters? Then you need properly installed rain gutters by Energy Roofing. We’re licensed and qualified and we know all there is to know about gutters. 


Energy Roofing specializes in making custom rain gutters in greater Los Angeles. And you and your neighbors will be amazed at how good your new gutters look.

With over a decade of experience, the quality of our work and materials are guaranteed. You’ll get custom rain gutters that last and last, while saving you money on roof repair. 

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