Do you want a beautiful roof that could last more than 100 years? Classic tile is always in style in residential roofing. You have so many different options to choose from with roofing tiles. Do you prefer curved? Flat? Our roofing professionals can show you what types of tile you can get.

Let’s talk about durability. 100 years is pretty impressive! And we’re guessing you may want to sell your home at some point over the next century. Well, buyers love durable tile roofing too. So when they see a tile roof they know your home is a good long-term investment. 

Along with the long life of tile roofing comes resilience. Resilience to fire, damage and fungus. And that means you won’t have to spend much on roof repairs along the way.

Tile roofing has the best of both worlds both in terms of durability and being great for the planet. This is because tile roofing never decays like wood, but you can recycle it after it reaches the end of its long life.


Shingle roofing is one of the most popular styles for residential roofing in Los Angeles. So let’s take a look at why this is. 

It’s characterized by attractive flat, rectangular elements which overlap. There’s an abundance of colors and styles available and it’s a timeless choice for roofs that are easy on the eye. 

Importantly for you and your family, you can get shingle roofing with high fire resistance. A roof that’s safe from fire is crucial during the long dry summer or if there are trees nearby.

Shingle roofing materials are also low cost upfront. And that means it’s cheaper when the time comes to repair your roof. What’s more, shingle roofing is ecological because you can recycle it easily. 



A good choice for a long lasting roof is metal roofing. Compared to asphalt roofing, metal roofing lasts up to 3 times as long. And that’s up to 70 years. 

Bear in mind that in order to last that long, metal roofing has to be installed by a skilled roofing team like Energy Roofing. If not, you risk all manner of expensive repair and maintenance problems in the future such as leaking. 

Metal roofing is also energy efficient because it reflects the sun’s rays. On hot Los Angeles days your roof will be around 100 degrees cooler than an asphalt roof. And at the same time you can expect your energy bills to drop by half. That’s an impressive saving! 

A roof made from metal is very kind to the planet, too. Because when its time’s up, metal roofing is 100% recyclable.


Want more outdoor space at home? Energy Roofing can turn practical flat roofing into an easily accessible terrace. Imagine sitting outside in a secluded space where you can enjoy the view from your home. 

Additionally, you can repurpose the space for equipment like air conditioning units. Using that flat roof space makes great economic sense and frees up space inside your property. 

If you’re looking for commercial roofing, flat roofing is one of the best choices, because you’re likely to have a whole lot of bulky HVAC units. 

And have you considered installing solar panels up there? On a flat roof solar panels are hidden from the street. So your home can keep its original aesthetic and you get free solar energy while protecting the planet. 

Practical flat roofing is one of the most energy efficient roofs you can get. And this is because concrete flat roofs help keep out that intense California heat. So you benefit from lower energy bills and a naturally cooler home or commercial property. 

Consider that it’s far simpler for our roofing team to install a flat roof. Why? Just because everything’s easier when you’re not working on a slope! It’s quicker, and there’s an even lower risk of injury. And time is money. So because we get the job done faster we pass the huge cost savings on to you. 

Cool roof installation in Los Angeles


Cool roofing is an exciting new roofing system to beat the heat. After all, in places like California it can be a real challenge to keep cool on hot days. So cool roofs are a real lifesaver here, and they’re rapidly gaining popularity.

How does it work? Cool roofing is made from a type of material that delivers higher solar energy reflectance. And since it reflects more sunlight, the roof absorbs less heat. The attic is cooler, so the main parts of the house stay cool too.

Not only is your home naturally more comfortable, but your energy costs will be much lower. No more nasty shocks when the bills come! It’s just so much faster and simpler to keep your home cool.

Cool roofs last longer than other types of roof too. Why? Because the heat from the sun doesn’t damage the roof itself. When you invest in a cool roof now, you save money in the long run. This is because you won’t need to pay for maintenance and replacement costs for years to come.


Like cool roofing, TPO roofing is another high-tech solution to hot buildings. Its synthetic properties keep UV rays out so it’s your best friend in a Los Angeles heat wave. 

Another huge benefit of TPO roofing is that it’s synthetic and smooth so it inhibits fungal growth. And it’s roof fungus that causes so many roofing problems for owners. Money draining problems like roof leaks and weakening the structure of the building.

TPO roofing is particularly popular in commercial roofing. Why? Because it’s laid over the top of flat roofing, and commercial buildings already tend to be designed this way. 

And you can also get TPO over your home roof. Just ask us for more details about laying TPO roofing over flat residential roofing. 

TPO Roofing System

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