Why should you Inspect your roof regularly?

Inspect your roof regularly

Is a regular roof inspection really necessary?

While investigating a water leak, you may find that it is poorly installed shingles or roofs that are wearing out. 

Regular inspections of the roof help to identify potential issues before they lead to serious consequences. Roofs protect your house and family from extreme weather like rain, wind, snow, sun, etc. 

It plays an important role in natural disasters. 

A roof inspection is mandatory for homeowners to understand the condition of their roofs, which can help them to take necessary steps before roof repairing cost goes high.

There are many reasons why you should inspect your roof regularly.

The most common signs that indicate you need a new roof include:

  1. Peeling or curling shingles
  2. Loose granules
  3. Missing granules
  4. Cracks in the surface
  5. Holes on the surface
  6. Water stains on ceiling
  7. Vibrations while walking across ceiling
  8. Bulging sections
  9. Discoloration Problems related to ice dams
  10. Presence of moss or dirt on the roof

How do you inspect your roof?

First, you need to know how long it will take to repair or maintain your roofs. You should decide how often you want to inspect the roof by looking at the length of time since the last inspection. Also, consider the space available for inspecting your roof. 

Always remember, don’t try any work on your own if you are not experienced in it. Let a professional help you out!

Before starting with the task, make sure you have all tools and equipment ready, including a ladder, safety equipment like gloves, shoe covers, etc., flashlights, ventilator masks, and protective clothing in case there is any debris falling down from roofs, etc. 

Always wear boots with a steel toe-cap as well as steel midsole and shank. While starting the inspection, check for any holes on the surface of roofs that can cause leakage and damages to ceilings below. 

Check for limited access areas like chimneys and skylights where you may require a second person’s help to complete your work properly. Next comes the most important part – underlayment. Always keep an eye on a weather-proofing layer of the roof as it protects everything else from sun, wind, rain, etc.

Underlayment is the material that safeguards your house from outside elements such as water seeping through cracks or holes in roofs. Make sure you don’t see any dark spots or mildew on shingles etc., as it indicates leaks that will require immediate attention and repair.

If you see black streaks on the roof with dried pitch or paint, it means there is a possibility of moss and algae buildup, which will eventually turn into mold. If your house has high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens, mildew and mold can grow easily in such places and damage roofs below.

Look for loose nails with rusty color as they pose a risk of creating holes in roofs that will allow water to seep through the surface leading to leakage issues inside the house. Also, check for bulging or moving shingles that need immediate attention before they cause damage inside homes.

Take pictures of everything you see for documentation purposes. Make sure you get rid of all safety hazards like furnace fuel tanks, gasoline cans, etc., from rooftops

Inspect your roof regularly

Reasons Why you should Inspect your roof regularly?

There are many reasons why you should inspect your roof. Some of those reasons include safety, maintenance, and repair. 

Contrary to what some people may think, there is a lot more to inspect besides the shingles and flashing. There can be underlying damage that needs immediate attention and sometimes even replacement of the entire roof structure. 

This makes it crucial for any homeowner or property owner to inspect the roof on a yearly basis.

Here are some important reasons why you should inspect your roof regularly.

To Ensure Long-term Protection

Roofs protect your house and family against extreme weather like rain, wind, snow, etc. 

It plays an important role in natural disasters. A roof inspection is mandatory for homeowners to understand the condition of their roofs, which can help them to take a necessary step before roof repairing cost goes high.

To Know when your Roof Needs Maintenance

Inspecting your roofs on a regular basis helps you to determine the necessity of maintenance or repairs that need to be done immediately or planning for replacement of old roofs with a new one if required. 

Regular inspections give you enough time to plan on spending required resources for roof maintenance or a new roof.

The composition of most roofs is made up of shingles with asphalt-based composition along with gravel and tar. Asphalt-based composition comes out from the age-old crumb coal tar pitch waterproofing mixture, which with time starts to wear off from high traffic areas like at the ridge, eaves, and hips.

Save yourself from unnecessary repairs and major expenses 

An inspection of your entire roofing system by a contractor can help prevent many potential problems in the future. If you inspect your roof annually, any issues that might arise will be caught and dealt with before they become big problems. 

Timely intervention can prevent the requirement of a replacement roof, which would be much more expensive than repairs made now.

Keep your family and home safe 

The safety of the structure and its inhabitants is an important part of safe living conditions. A solid roof structure protects against wind damage, hail, rain, heat, among other things that affect the weather conditions in different areas. 

It also serves to protect families from falling or flying objects that might come loose or break during severe weather conditions like hurricanes or earthquakes that are known to cause major damage to roofs in their path of destruction.

The contractor inspects not only the shingles on top but looks at the entire structure and inspects:

  • Roof decking
  • Roof rafters
  • Roof sheathing (underlay)
  • Roof vents
  • Roof insulation
  • Flashing around roof penetrations (skylights, chimneys, vents)
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Attic ventilation 
  • Skylights and chimneys 
  • Chimney flashings


Preventative Maintenance 

It is important to inspect the roof on a regular basis in order to prevent further damage. It is much easier and cost-effective to inspect your roof when it is still in good condition than to inspect it when it is already leaking or showing signs of damage.

Moreover, if the inspector finds damage, you can have a clear idea of how much it would cost to repair or replace damaged parts. This will help you decide whether or not you should spend money on roof repairs.

Protect your Investment 

A quality roof is an investment and needs proper maintenance to ensure years of service. 

Investing in annual inspections by a qualified contractor is affordable, makes good business sense, and is definitely worth the investment when compared to the costs of repairs and replacement in the future.

Save on Replacement Costs 

The costs of repairing a roof can get very expensive, especially if the underlying problems are severe and need immediate attention. Roof replacement costs vary greatly depending on the size and type of structure you have, but an average roof replacement can cost upwards of $20,000. 

Interestingly, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that each year there are nearly 300,000 injuries associated with the use of ladders; and over 20,000 people require hospitalization following such accidents. 

The roof is composed of many parts like:

– Roof decking (plywood or oriented strand board)

– Sheathing (underlay)

– Shingling (asphalt shingles) 

– Flashing around roof penetrations (skylights, chimneys, vents).

– Gutters and downspouts

– Attic ventilation 

When inspecting the roof, your contractor inspects not only the shingles on top but looks at the entire structure and inspects.

Save Time and Have Peace of Mind 

When you inspect your roof regularly, you can spend less time worrying about potential issues with your roof and more time enjoying it. 

Regular inspections are only a few minutes of your time every month or year, but they can make all the difference in giving you peace of mind that your family is safe and protected from the elements.

Why Do People Inspect their Roofs?

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why people inspect their roofs. Some of the most common reasons include checking for storm damage, hail damage, or fire damage which can be done by your insurance company if you have contents covered with them.

It is important to inspect your roof on a regular basis because it can prevent major financial setbacks down the line. A roof inspection is a relatively inexpensive solution to resolve potential issues before they escalate.

Inspection can also help you inspect for any previous damage that might have been done to the structure, which would require repairs to be made in order for it to withstand strong winds or storms.

Roof inspections are not just meant for your homes but your workplaces as well. Workplace accidents in the construction and roofing industry often result in lost time and money, but a regular roof inspection can help to prevent such situations from taking place.

It is also important to inspect your home when you plan on selling it or renting it out, as it will add to the value of your property and market appeal. That way, any potential issues with your home’s structure can be resolved before someone inspects it for purchase or rental purposes.

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